A Naraya Poetry-Song of the Wind River Shoshone Ghost Dance

A religious song that the Wind River Shoshone of Wyoming sang during Ghost Dance performances of the past. "They say when you sing those songs it makes berries grow and make grass grow, make water run. Plenty of berries for in the fall, fish, everything. Sing for them, our elk and deer and all them. That's what it's for.... Well, some men, they dream that something's going to be wrong or some kind of sickness or some kind of storm. They know it. Well, we going to dance. It ain't going to happen when we dance. Flu or measles or scarlet fever or a sickness that's some kind of hard cough-one person knows when he's asleep, he knows it's coming. ... We better be dancing, sending it back, sending it back. We just make it go back. That's the way they dance it. It isn't just a dance. ... Well, it's a song for health.... When you don't feel good, when you feel sick or something, you dance with them. You feel good then. That's what it's for. It ain't just songs. "

Emily Hill as transcribed and presented by Judith Vander

Sunlit showers on the mountains, sunlit showers on the mountains ena*
Sunlit showers on the mountains, sunlit showers on the mountains ena
Pine needles in pools of mountainside gullies after sunlit showers on the mountains ena

*ena is a sound used by the Wind River Shoshone exclusively in Naraya songs as a cadance maker.
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