Leo D'Ulisse

Leo died a rich man. He was rich in family and friends.

We got to the hospital after 6:30 on Friday night. Leo had just had medication and would sleep for the next 2 hours. So we went to dinner.

When we got back to the hospital, we found that Leo had pushed his oxygen mask off. So we replaced it, talked with him and had the nurse check him. We decided that we needed to stay with Leo through the night. For logistical reasons, Scott and I stayed.

Leo was breathing in shallow breaths. Around 3:30 Leo missed a breath. Scott went to get the nurse and I held Leo’s hand and whispered into his ear. I was holding Leo’s hand, but from Leo’s side, I was transparent, a placeholder, for each of you. Leo was holding Dominick’s hand and Gabriel’s. He was holding Wendy’s hand and certainly Stephanie’s. And his Papa’s and George’s. And yours, and yours, and yours and yours.

Leo died connected to his family and friends. It was a powerful and peaceful moment.