Sen-No Rikyu Emily Dickenson Tyrena
Fish The Threefold Miracle Hear God Laugh
Phillip Mann e e cummings C.J. Cherryh
Ghandi e. e. cummings King John (Shakespeare)
Brothers In Arms Dylan Thomas Do You Believe In Magic
Matthew Arnold The Happening Winnie the Pooh
Nikki Giovanni I Can't Complain Wish You Were Here
Shine on You Crazy Diamond Terence, this is stupid stuff Remembering
The Laws of God, The Laws of Man Out Takes J. Alfred Prufrock
Money Sacha Guitry The Prom
Oral Tradition Teabag Faith In Our Dreams
Naraya Scroll of Timothy  Hanukah
Havasupai Farewell Song Business Principles  Nothing Ventured
Clarity of War Technology Business  Stronger than an Army
Photographing Society Intimations of Immortality  Planning
Bureaucracy Knowledge  Worship
Deeds I Ching  Webs of Significance
Thou Art the Man Satchel Paige  Experience
Men and Women Actual Money  Equal Protection Under Law
Galileo Attentions  One's Real Life
Life is Process Speaking With God  Right Brain
Leo D'Ulisse Declarations of War  Heedless Self-Interest
Know How to Flower Spring  Kierkegaard.htm
Suffering Hope  I Have Just One Day
Let Me Live My Life Things Turn out Best  Data Speak for Themselves