Dawn and Andrew's Wedding

Ezra's Briss and Stellie Too!

Vacation in Maine

In the Adirondacks for Leo

Vacation in Italy and France

Rose's Birthday at Kris and Aaron's

George and Sue's Surprise Party

Agata and Family, Christmas 2006

Leo and Wendy, Christmas 2006

Irv's 90th Birthday and Jonathan's 35th

Agata, Summer 2006

Marco's Short Visit to Philly

George's Bermuda Retirement Cruise

D&P Instruments trip to China

Agata at One Year, oh yes, and Sara and Marco too!

Family Seder in Cleveland

PennPals New Year's Dinner

Marco, Sara and Agata

Birthdays in Cleveland

Cleveland with Estelle and Kris

Marco, Sara, Agata and Family

Sara's Second Doctorate

Agata's Christening

Jonathan's Graduation Ceremony

Andrew and Jonathan Perform at Lunch

Jonathan's Graduation Dinner

Ralph Pix